Welcome to the magic world! Scottish fold cats making this world absolutely magical!

We are happy to add Scottish kilts to our tailed family now.

We are small, home based Cattery, located in Denver, Colorado. All our cats have excellent Pedigrees, they are from Europe.

Our pets are loved and spoiled! They are full of energy and great ideas, they love toys and videos for cats, but most of all they enjoy tummy rubs:)

If you are interested in extending your family with a fluffy member, we are here to help.
Please check our TikTok, Facebook and Instagram for available kittens, they are healthy and beautiful.

We are TICA registered, if you need the pedigree for your babies, all documentation would be provided.  We sell kittens as pets only, no exceptions.

Thanks again for visiting us!
Best wishes of health and happiness to all!